A stylish guy named: Chance the rapper

I admit I only recently found out about, Chance the rapper maybe 3 yrs ago. His has very unique flow or maybe I'm just hopping along on the hype-train like the everyone else. Beside Chances music his fashion sense catches our eye time & time again, vibrant, vintage, out of the ordinary. We follow the rapper very close getting inspired for new designs seeing, Chance brings out our creative juices get's them going. I'm sitting back thinking about what to create next. No doubt some of it will be inspired by the Chicago native. I quess I'll leave it here...

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2017 music festival style accessories

Standing for long hours in this blazing, unforgiving sun in 2017 while trying to remain stylish and fresh can easily become a daunting task. "Have No Fear, Good citizens!!", Revl Zuu has your back we have a great selection of wristbands that will keep you looking cooler than a polar bear toenails. With the right accessories, staying cool at a music festival while looking hot will be easier than taking candy from a baby.  Check out our list of wrist gear accessories here

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